Michelle Kuen Suet FUNG 馮捲雪

Currently lives and works in Hong Kong

Michelle Kuen Suet FUNG is a visual artist and art educator whose ambitious ongoing oeuvre is a grand narrative of a dystopian world in the year 2084. Armed with a bold and unfettered imagination, a sense of subtle humour, and a delicate pathos, she weaves acute observations of the early twenty-first century into an absurd, fantastical landscape populated with plastic-eating “humans”, flying elephants and floating islands in the sky. Her works present an imaginary geopolitical map of a bizarre future, especially one impacted by changes in the Anthropocene. Wrought with literary influences (such as Orwell and Swift), her broad range of media spans text, books, drawing, painting, printmaking, installation, performances and short films, each chosen carefully for its inherent historical and experiential implications.

Her most recent exhibition Polluta, Floating Artist Colony in the Sky (2018) at Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, California, USA was the first by a Hong Kong artist and one of the most successful in the non-profit gallery’s forty-year history. Her award-winning book Tin Hong Gaau Jyu 天空膠雨(Joint Publishing, 2017) tells a dystopian cautionary tale of a future where a frenzy of human plastic consumption (as in life saver donuts, telephone hotdogs…) has led us past the point of no return. Her work Plastic, plastic, every where! received the Grotto Award, Hong Kong Baptist University (2015) and Award of Excellence, Fourth Greater China Illustration Awards (2016.) Her exhibition I Don’t Know if You Know How Much I Love You (2012) was the inaugural solo show at Hi Art, a gallery owned by Beijing art tycoon Wu Jing. She has participated in prestigious artist residencies including Banff Centre, Canada, Island Institute, Alaska and Art Omi, NY (recipient of the Cecily Brown Fellowship.) She will join New York University Shanghai faculty as Visiting Clinical Instructor in spring 2019.


Selected CV (updated Aug 2018)

Michelle Kuen Suet Fung 馮捲雪

Animals and their relationships with humans are a long recurring thread in her works.