Polluta, Floating Artist Colony in the Sky




Polluta, Floating Artist Colony in the Sky
Printed A5 Booklet and Live Performance

This work is part of City as Metaphors, a juried international programme in conjunction with Hong Kong Baptist University, Zurich University of the Arts and Hamburg City University, and is published in the online journal Common.


In 2084, China has solved its pollution problem with Plan Polluta. Under Plan Polluta, industrial waste is now condensed into building bricks, which are used to build arcologies called “Polluta”, floating green vibrant live/work colonies for artists!

My work is comprised of two parts—a printed booklet and a live performance at the Hong Kong-venue of the exhibition.“Residents’ Guide to Polluta” is a tongue-in-cheek introductory manual for new residents of Polluta. The colony seems too good to be true! It is!

The idea is given an experiential and temporal dimension when I, as the president of the Ministry of Polluta, invite visitors to live entry interviews at the opening night. Interview questions range from practical to ridiculous. The absurdity highlights that of the Polluta project, but more importantly, that of the unacceptable level of pollution Hong Kong and China are putting up with.

Michelle Kuen Suet Fung 馮捲雪

Animals and their relationships with humans are a long recurring thread in her works.