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imagine  these
on your wall

Polluta Propaganda Woodcuts (Contradictoria) 
2018 - ongoing

and have

endless stories

to tell about your

art collection

Your Bordeaux Merlot properly aired. Heavenly fragrance wafts out of the oven. You’re sipping on Dom Pérignon and slurping on oysters with your friends.


Imagine your dinner party guests casually pointing to the art above your couch. “Tell me about this piece of art.”


Boy can you tell them about your art!

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The Animal Collection

Polluta Propaganda woodcuts

“I‘ve had the honor of meeting and befriending Michelle and becoming a very proud owner of one of her very special pieces, “New Jersey, USA, 1985, (2014)”. Several of Michelle’s fabulous woodcuts and prints I hope to acquire very soon. Michelle’s amazing body of artwork is grounded in a very sincere, spiritual and scientific place that I feel captures and explores empathy for our planet and all of its life forms, as well as the consequences of ignoring our responsibilities to care for and maintain our world and it’s environments.


I anxiously await more of the 2084 global narrative, and how Michelle creatively envisions it. No doubt our journey into our potential future will be a visually amazing one.”


James Yopp. Microbiologist.

“We received your beautiful woodcut prints and we love them, thank you. Michele, your work is stunning. The intricate designs are full of imagination and colour. I want to know what is happening within each. I love that you also create stories around your work, bringing your images to life.”





...Bored and burnt out from climbing the career ladder and need something beautiful and inspiring?

...Drawing a blank what to put on your blank wall? But not just anything. It must be something you can brag to your friends and make you look smart.

...Looking for a fascinating and inspiring gift for someone important? One-of-a-kind doesn’t even begin to cut it because you care about this relationship more than anything else?

...Not sure how to go about collecting your first piece of art? How do you choose the size? The medium? What’s the difference between a hand-pulled print and a giclee? And framing is so confusing!!! What if I need to send it overseas? Arrrrgh!!!

...intimidated by the gallery setting and feel like buying art is an opaque and mystifying process, even though you would like to buy some art for your home and office. 

woodcut installation study 3.jpg

lift your head up from your laptop and feel truly                            

just looking at your art


It's time to graduate from 


You've graduated from 


Sit back and enjoy buying art straight from the artist. 


...galleries typically take 50-70% of the selling price of the art? That means artists make less than half the selling gallery prices.

...buying is the best form of support to artists' ability to continue creating beautiful art, like the ones your eyes are feasting on now? is essential and critical to our mental health? Think of the various creative leisurely activities you enjoy to keep you sane and happy. Imagine getting through COVID without music, movies, video games, Netflix, comic books, fan fiction, novels. The list goes on. blog is a fantastic resource for framing, choosing the right size of artwork and other FAQs about my works? Of course, I am also personally here to answer all your questions and guide you through the process of choosing a piece. Buying art is simple and dare I say, pleasurable?

"By using woodblock printing Michelle Fung has become a master of her art [...] That sharp intelligence like the tools she uses in making her woodblocks means her art is much more than an intellectual exercise. It comes from both head and heart.

Full of soul and beautifully crafted with the addition of a jazz-like sense of improvisation, her work is absolutely unique."

Norman deBrackinghe, Artist and Photographer

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