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translate your

big ideas




…have big ideas but don’t know how to make them into a work of art

…need an important tailor-made gift for someone special, cultured and intellectual

…like another artwork on this website but it’s the wrong colour or the wrong size, or it’s simply no longer available
…need a creative solution for a specific blank wall


you are unique

so should your art

"I first met Michelle in Dec 2011 on a boat trip with friends to Tung Ping Chau. A memorable trip with her cheerful smile and laughter.  We reconnected in 2014 with an invitation to her first exhibition, and a deep friendship developed. I don’t have many artist friends, but Michelle was a gift, and her art fascinated me.  That first exhibition encounter of her art was a “wow factor” for me; a term we use in scientific research for something that are innovative and creative, with imagination and out of the box thinking.  It was a gigantic 8 feet wide sperm whale drawn with pencil colours. That whale I would have like to acquire but too big for my home.


Over the years, I watch her flourished and attended as many of her exhibitions as I can, from Polluta to her other works with artist friends and School children; but the awesome image of the whale has always stay with me. Finally, I commission her to do a slightly smaller version for my office, with an intention to for this whale to migrate South on my return to Australia on retirement. We name the whale “Gawura”, an indigenous Australian word for whale.


This commission work was an eye opener for me to learn how Michelle goes about in creating a piece of art.  I wanted a large (1 x 0.7M) lively sperm whale drawn with pencil with an oriental feel.  We went through many iterations, but the key was the paper texture that could capture the majestic and roughness of the skin, and Michelle used a new technique to edge in the battle scares with the harsh environment of the open ocean. The effect was just perfect.  


During the entire process, Michelle updates me with still pictures of the progress, teasing me and my friends with excitement and anticipation. The finish work “wow” everyone at the inaugural unveiling and naming of Gawura at my home, and now hanging in my office for me and visitors to enjoy. I was also pleasantly surprised with a “must watch” time lapse video on the creation of Gawura. A talented and caring artist with a bright future! Thank you, Michelle, and all the best on the on-going work of the futuristic world, and your environmental and social endeavours."


Professor Danny Chan

S Y and H Y Cheng Professor in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Assistant Dean (Research postgraduate studies), Faculty of Medicine

Interim Director (School of Biomedical Sciences), Faculty of Medicine

Director (Education and Development of Research Integrity), HKU

pick the look you like


animal-themed custom portraits

12x18 in. / 30x45cm

fee starts from HKD 22,000



block size starts at 8x11" / 21x30cm 

carving fee starts from HKD 15,000

printing fee starts from HKD 600 /copy


colour pencil drawings

size starts at 18x24" / 45x60cm 

fee starts from HKD 25,000


Japanese pigment paintings

size starts at 18x24 / 45x60cm 

fee starts from HKD 35,000

or read on for more info!

turtle living room.jpg

set home

with your art

“We received your beautiful woodcut prints and we love them, thank you. Michelle, your work is stunning. The intricate designs are full of imagination and colour. I want to know what is happening within each. I love that you also create stories around your work, bringing your images to life.”



Sit back and I'll take care of the rest

If you’ve read this far, let’s get down to nitty-gritty business.


Typically a commission takes 2 months to complete. Please                             to check if there is a current wait list. There usually is. If you need the commission within 1 month, no problem! There is a 50% extra sleepless nights panda cost.


So here is how it will go:


1. You communicate your big ideas to me. We may go back and forth until I fully understand what you want.

2. I establish whether your big ideas are doable for me and send you a proposal and quotation. I also offer advice on what materials and potential framing will be suitable and may work that into artwork planning.

3. You accept my proposal and quotation and place 50% payment deposit. We both sign the commission agreement. International payment by paypal (credit card.) Hong Kong payment by paypal (credit card) or bank transfer. 

4. I hide in my dark alchemist studio to cook up some sketches.

5. You happily approve my sketch. Or you sadly turn down my sketch, and I come back with new sketches until you're happy.

6. I check that I have all the necessary details to begin production and disappear into the same dark alchemist studio for about 4-6 weeks.

7. Sometimes, you may hear from me during the 4-6 weeks. As I work, I find I need more input or information from you. Otherwise, I am just working on your piece.

8. Your artwork is finished. I offer mounting, framing and/or shipping advice. You pay up the remaining 50% fee and can’t wait to hang your art and brag to your friends. We are both happy.

*The fee covers my marks on the artwork surface. Mounting, framing or the donkeys/space rockets that carry your artwork to your wall will be extra. All will be discussed openly in the initial communication.


**The most difficult work is actually coming up with a creative solution to make your idea into a visual form. After that, execution is labour-intensive but straightforward. That’s my subtle and polite way of saying I don’t make sketches until you put down a deposit.


*** You’re commissioning an object of art. The artwork’s copyright remains with the artist. Feel free to contact me for licensing right.



OK, what if you’re not happy with the final artwork?


First of all, absolutely make sure you look at my works on this website. I have different styles. But if I’ve done it before, I can do it again. You must choose a style you like. Your final artwork will look similar! I do communicate obsessively with my collector during the entire process about everything to avoid this from happening. This has honestly never happened before.


But never say never, in the very unlikely and unlucky scenario this happens, let’s talk. As I said, I am all about communication.

small prints (not to be confused with art prints or paw prints)

can't wait to hear from you!


"Michelle is a master at capturing the essence of the perfect piece of art needed to make our home feel complete.  As a present for our family, I commissioned an art piece from MIchelle to occupy a rather large wall in our home, and to give us a unique piece of art to show our love of our home in Reno as well as brighten our home.  Michelle was so insightful as to how to make a piece of art that fit the space and the ideas of appreciation of our Reno home.  The art piece was a water color of the mountain range seen from our backyard with lots of emphasis on capturing the beauty surrounding Reno.  In order to do this, the art piece had to be BIG!  The wall space was 14 foot long by 9 foot tall and Michelle recommended one massive print measuring 6 foot by 10 foot to completely dominate and compliment the house.  Her suggestion of a really big single painting would help to reduce the scale of that awkwardly large wall and allow viewing from our living room, kitchen and dining area which sounded amazing.


We worked out a way to get a print of that size created and since I am a woodworker, I could build the frame and stretch the canvas myself.  Michelle went about making a beautiful watercolor painting of our mountains and communicated with us along the way with sketches, color swatches and ultimately the painting prior to printing out a massive canvas. Shipping of the canvas didn't take very long and the canvas made it to my workshop in Reno without any worry.  After stretching and mounting the picture on our wall, the scale of this painting blew us away!  What an amazing explosion of color and detail when that painting was expanded to fit our wall.  Everyone who comes to our house is drawn to the painting and looks at the number of details inside all the time.  Michelle is a pleasure to work with and her work is outstanding.  This commission was the best gift for the family we possibly could have asked for and gave new life to our home.  Anyone who wants a piece of art for their specific needs in a really bright fun style should commission Michelle to do her magic.  Thank you Michelle, you're the best!“


With all appreciation and happiness,

Beau, Heather, Kaito, Trey and Mindy


let's chat!

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