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The future is terrifyingly beautiful. Shouldn’t we have art that paints the picture for us?

You love fantasy novels? Your friends call you know-it-all? What board games do you play? You find yourself emerging from hours of Wikipedia meandering? You can't go a day without logging onto Medium, BBC, the Economist, New York Times or the New Yorker? 


Read on! You will be glad you did.

P.S. What the heck is interdisciplinary?



Be fascinated and inspired by the way I spin observations of current events into a complete made-up universe in the future! Every work is a labour of love, made with a huge amount of research and craftsmanship.


Like, huge.


Take delight in the beauty. Be fascinated by the stories. Drink in the craftsmanship. Feel the connection with a unique artistic vision. You will have endless stories to tell about your art collection because there’re months, if not years of research behind each piece.


It’s like hanging a terrifyingly beautiful piece of future on your wall.

so excited you are here!

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"I have known and admired Michelle Fung’s talent and dedication for many years

and am happy to acknowledge her professionalism and expertise in several media.


Her artistic concern with the future of our planet is more than commendable."

Henry Steiner, Father of Hong Kong Graphical Design

"Michelle Kuen Suet Fung is a multi-talented artist with a deep commitment to sounding the alarm on environmental degradation."

Elaine Elison, Author

"I know nobody more dedicated to their art than Michelle."

Norman de Brackinghe, Artist and Photographer


multiple grant recipient of

...Canada Art Council
...Hong Kong Arts Development Council
...Pure Art Foundation
...Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau (Cultural Exchange Project)

selected awards

...Film that Matters Award. The International Animation Film Festival, Montreal, Canada (2019)
...50 Best Books for Secondary Students. Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union (2019)
...Young Writer's Debut Competition. Joint Publishing, Hong Kong (2017)
...The Grotto Award. Master of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University (2015)

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want your own piece of             ?


I will walk you through the entire process, so that it will be simple, personal and pleasurable. No more feeling intimidated in a gallery setting.


Don’t see exactly what you want? Not a problem. Why don’t you head to the commission section? You can tell me exactly your vision and ideas, and I will make it into a piece of art.

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“Michelle Fung’s Polluta project centers around a dystopian narrative that is incredibly intimate and at times heartbreaking, while it is also expansive in its foundational goal to enliven a dialogue around political, sociological and ecological power structures. Through artwork, film and participatory performance Fung places viewers in the hot seat as she invites them to apply for entry into a futuristic, but not unrecognizable, society disguised as a floating artist colony. Following acceptance, the new citizens have to make decisions about what to sacrifice and what to embrace in order to gain either personal or universal benefit. Fung masterfully turns disconnected sympathy for and outrage at world events, into opportunities to test independent will to influence or execute change.”

Meg Shiffler, San Francisco Arts Commission Galleries Director and

former Pro Arts Board member, USA.

“The futurist dystopia Polluta, is an oddly inviting yet disturbing dreamland. The banners and prints are childlike yet sophisticated propaganda with complicated instructions for confused artists seeking to survive an ecological catastrophe.”


Johanna Poethig, Artist and Professor Emerita,

Visual and Public Art Department, CSU, Monterey Bay, USA.

"Hi Michelle- I’m on the Board at Art OMI International Artist Residency Program in Ghent, NY. I remember making a studio visit there when you were a resident. You are talented and driven. I am letting you know that I am impressed and very happy to get your vibrant emails. I am astonish at your positive energy and dynamic art making that combines a thrilling and daringly imaginative pulse to world-wide ecological problems. It is so gratifying for me to experience your love of art and your profound love of the earth and of existence itself. Wow! Thanks for (to paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi) being the change you want to see in the world!"


Dominique Nahas

Critic/Curator, Faculty-FA Dept. Pratt Institute, USA.


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