Polluta, Floating Artist Colony in the Sky (2016-2018)




Polluta, Floating Artist Colony in the Sky


Project summary

In 2084, Contradictoria has solved its pollution problem with Plan Polluta. Under this plan, air pollution is condensed into building bricks, which are used to build arcologies called “Polluta”, floating green vibrant live/work colonies for artists! Artists can live, work and show for free, forever! It sounds too good to be true. It is.


Project history.

This project began with “City as Metaphors”, a juried international programme in conjunction with Hong Kong Baptist University, Zurich University of the Arts and Hamburg City University, and is published in the online journal Common. The work was shown twice in Hong Kong as a performance piece (2015.) In June 2018, nine propaganda paintings and four woodblock prints were shown in “Polluta, Floating Artist Colony in the Sky”, first solo exhibition of a Hong Kong artist at Pro Arts Gallery in its forty-year history. A scholarly exhibition catalogue followed in late 2018.


The project continues. There are five imaginary countries in total: Contradictoria, the Aristocratic Union, Dreamland, Northlandia and the Republic of Strata. The artist will continue to build Polluta, while expanding the other four. These five micro-narratives will eventually weave together a grand narrative of year 2084, portraying the artist’s imagined futuristic geopolitical world, especially one impacted by climate change.

The Imaginary Map of 2084

Michelle Kuen Suet Fung 馮捲雪

Michelle Kuen Suet Fung is a visual artist and art educator whose ambitious ongoing oeuvre revolves around a grand narrative of a dystopian world set in the year 2084.