“Plastic, plastic, every where!” artist residency May-June 2016.
Nootka Elementary School, Vancouver, Canada. 


“Thank you for giving the students such a meaningful learning experience. Thank you also for your hard work, patience and awareness. You have given them a unique and wonderful experience.”

Ellen Cartwright. Grade 6 teacher. Nootka Elementary School, Vancouver, Canada. 




“Both the children and I have learned so much about the effects of plastic on our planet. Art has been such an effective media for them to learn. I am sure this experience will help them become more aware, concerned citizens.”

Maririta Basso. Grade 3 teacher. Nootka Elementary School, Vancouver, Canada. 

“Thank you for providing us all such a wonderful creative and learning experience. Thank you also for sharing your work with us and inviting us into your vision. You are a fabulous artist and teacher.”

Anna Morris. Grade 6 teacher. Nootka Elementary School, Vancouver, Canada. 
“Thank you for making a difference for teaching relational aesthetics to all the students. They learnt the importance of reducing the use of plastic and its harmful effects, and that they can make a difference in the world. You have achieved the greatest goal: to make the world a better place for everyone. Thank you!”
Yong Yong Chan. Grade 1-2 teacher. Nootka Elementary School, Vancouver, Canada. 



“Michelle, the delivery of your intentions through your art, storytelling, music and passion for this subject had our students mesmerized. Your visualization transported them to the vision of Polluta effortlessly. They were fully engaged for the 2 to 3 hours of this journey. The next day we discussed the experience and I shared the word Dystopia with them. I gave them the opportunity to illustrate what their vision of Utopia is. Again, they could have illustrated for hours. Thank you again for welcoming us into your world and inviting us to help you create!”

Stephanie Zuniga. Grade 4 Teacher. Fireweed Academy, Homer, Alaska, USA.



“We recently enjoyed a creative workshop presented by Michelle. Our school is a unique multiage and multi-abled learning environment for children in grades K-8 and Michelle thoroughly understood how to work with each student throughout her creative art workshop.

She introduced a project related to a dystopian world in the year 2084 where there are artist colonies floating in midair in China. The students loved this concept and generated a variety of ideas to highlight life among the clouds in 2084 China. Michelle inspired, within our students, the gift of imagination. As an educator, there is nothing more important than dreaming of what could be. Cheers for Michelle and her delightful opportunities for art in the classroom!”

Heidi Horner Raffaele, Administrator and Lead Teacher. The SEER School, Sitka, Alaska, USA.





“First of all, thank you very much for the wonderful course! I can feel that you really put your heart into preparing and teaching it and I particularly appreciate your capabilities to demonstrate some abstract and complicated concepts and skills in such a clear and inspiring way. I am also amazed that you have so many interesting and unconventional ways to help us approach to drawing, photography and so on. In one word, I really enjoy your teaching and the course. If you will teach a course which are focused on drawing and painting, I would very much like to attend it.”

Iris Wang. Hong Kong.



“Thanks for the class yesterday and it was as good as always.

It is of course a great pleasure to be able to hear directly from Henry Stenier and your slideshow and the group activity further enhanced and completed the experience.”

Jamie Wang. Hong Kong.




“I first met her though the ‘drawing by donation class’ she runs in a carefully furnished studio based in Shau Kei Wan. Shoes were abandoned at the doorway and you padded into clean kept and cream walled room, her detailed drawings line the walls in white boxed frames and glass. Michelle’s class gave you insight into her method of working, and as a teacher she was encouraging, honest, and generous with advice in a constructive way. For me, Michelle’s drawings whisper of stories you’d like to hear and invite you into another world of nature and curiosity, where even the titles of her art pieces intrigue you.”

Leah Clough. Art Hong Kong. Hong Kong.



In the artist’s former life, she was also a professional photographer and taught photography. This is what her students said about her classes:


“Michelle provided a thorough overview of photography and the use of light. The short course was an excellent introduction to understand your camera and learn how to take better pictures. She was able to provide high quality instruction with a small group of students. I really enjoyed how she was able to provide guidance to all students in a manner that was appropriate, knowledgeable and professional. A lot of material was covered in the short time frame and everything was backed up with notes and practice. Great course and I highly recommend it!”

Shannon Bradley. Vancouver, Canada.



Thank you again for the amazing experience that I got to share with you over the years through working together in learning photography. […] As well as all of the knowledge that you have shared with me over the years, and the amazing opportunities that you have made possible for me. I thank you for this!

Darcy Butler. Vancouver, Canada.




“This is the most useful workshop that I have ever attended. I’ve taken photography class at school for 2~3 years, but I never really learned the skill. Michelle taught me more than my teacher did!! Highly recommend everyone to attend her workshop.”

Joanne Hu. Vancouver, Canada.




“Michelles’ course was very informative and helped me tie a lot of concepts together. The course also introduced me to a lot of new ideas, concepts and practices. Overall the course was very well planned and instructed.”

Chris Huff. Vancouver, Canada.




“Michelle is young but very knowledgeable in photography. She is able to explain abstract concept with simple terms and concrete examples. After the class, I have reinforced some basic photography concepts and have also learned new techniques. This course is definitely a great start for beginners.”

Tony Shum. Vancouver, Canada.




“This class was an excellent introduction into the world of photography. Michelle thoroughly outlined various techniques in photography and has given me a great base to work with for future classes I will take.”

Nick Danford. Vancouver, Canada.




“Michelle’s workshop is a great starting point in learning more about photography and your camera.”

“Another great workshop presented in a manner that was easy to understand along with some hands-on practice to reinforce the concepts discussed. Thanks again, Michelle.”

Jeff Evans. Vancouver, Canada.




“Michelle’s class was small, which provided ample time for questions and detailed explanations. Also her students ranged from absolute beginner to someone with a bit of professional photography background. Michelle is able to tailor her approach and her delivery of the information in a way that is neither too basic for those with some experience already but at the same time also not too difficult for those who might not have knowledge of all the terminology or the basics of manual photography. This is a skill that is very important in classes that do not have a target audience.”

Stefanie Pielahn. Vancouver, Canada.




“Thanks again for the lessons I really learned a lot from your lessons about photography that I never knew before and I’m sure now that I want to do something with photography either part time or full time depending on how things go for me.”

Duy Nguyen. Vancouver, Canada




“Michelle was an excellent teacher who explained the theories and practicum in details. Not only was she able to understand the strengths and interests of each student, she was also capable of coaching us photograph pictures in a variety of styles.”

Kelly Wang. Vancouver, Canada.




“I have always been a point and shot kind of guy. This year I sold my $200.00 camera and got a professional digital single-lens reflex camera (SLR) camera. After a few weeks I found the automatic mode was good but I wanted more. I wanted to learn all about shutter speed, aperture and focal length. This workshop has taught me how to do just that. I can now go into manual mode and take pictures I could never have taken before. After my second class I went out taking pictures at dusk. On automatic mode this was never possible. I like that I can now tell when something is over exposed and under exposed. Now I feel I have the tools the learn more on my own. Every time I go out now I am thinking about what settings I can use. The one on one hands on approach really worked for me. This was a great workshop and I would recommend it for anyone that wants to get serious about taking pictures.”

Mark Teasdale. North Vancouver, Canada.




“The course delivered fundamental photo shooting skills in a clear and understandable way. I am now taking much clearer, meaningful and informative photos, and have now developed the desire to go on photo-shooting excursions during my leisure. It is definitely an enjoyable and rewarding course.”

Anson Lo. Vancouver, Canada

Michelle Kuen Suet Fung 馮捲雪

Michelle Kuen Suet Fung is a visual artist and art educator whose ambitious ongoing oeuvre revolves around a grand narrative of a dystopian world set in the year 2084.