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Plastic, plastic, every where!

Master of Visual Arts Graduation Exhibition

Hong Kong Baptist University



Drawings-in-progress for animation, graphite and ink on wall, LED light tubes
Dimensions variable

Recipient of The Grotto Award. Master of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University 

A Cautionary Tale
A Dystopia
A Prophecy
Our Consumption
Our Idiocy
Our Legacy
The Apocalypse

At the G5 annual meeting of 2084, the delegate of Contradictoria comes up with a proposal,"If animals can learn to eat plastic, why can’t children?"

Soon after, Contradictoria and the Republic of Strata start introducing plastic as part of the standard school meals. The experiment is a smashing hit. It isn’t long before Dreamland, Northlandia and the Aristocratic Union follow suit.

Plastic becomes the most popular snack. These school children grow into young adults, and into parents, and then into grandparents. The demand becomes so great that now all the oil in the world does not make enough plastic to feed all the generations.”

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