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Hi! Nice to meet you!


Super excited that you found me in an ocean of artists! I make art that portrays a future world in year 2084 with an ever-expanding media includes drawing and painting, installations, animation, books, woodcuts and more to come!


In this 2084 world, there are five imaginary countries: Contradictoria, Northlandia, Dreamland, the Aristocratic Union and the Republic of Strata. I began this project in 2015, and plan to continue until 2084.

I'll make sure I exercise and eat my vegetables to stay alive. 


How did you come up with 2084?

Here are some quick links for my artist statement, biography and full CV.


If you want to know more about me as a living breathing animal, scroll down!

Photo by Kiro Denev

Arctic Circle Residency,, Svalbard, 2022 

Where is your studio?


I have always LOVED working from home (that’s Hong Kong right now.)

I have had a dream home of a little round white ocean-view house since aged 20. You walk into a spiral staircase through the front door. The bright and airy studio takes up the entire floor upstairs flooded with light through the skylight.





What music do you listen to when you work?


I listen to music only on those sluggish days when I need to get into the mood of working. My go-to albums are Charlie Haden’s Nocturne, Shigeru Umebayashi’s In the Mood for Love and anything by Stacey Kent.


When I am doing something REALLY hard, like making creative connections or working out the storyboard or writing the script or coming up with fresh compositions, I need complete silence.


However, my work is so labour-intensive that I spend hours and hours doing repetitive movements, drawing, painting and carving. During those hours, I need audiobooks or podcasts to keep my mind active. Otherwise my brain becomes bored and sleepy. I do a wide range of fictions and self-help and lectures and podcasts. I get a weekly average of 10-30 hours of active listening.

What else do you like besides art?

I ask my husband if I like art or food better. He thought about it for a moment and was silent. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T KNOW? OF COURSE I PREFER…then I stopped myself short. I wasn’t quite sure either.

I also LOVE swimming, hiking, reading, skiing. Also a big fan of museums and theatre.


Most of all, I like working.

Oh, and my favourite food? Ice-cream, but only if it’s made on the day of. Old ice-cream has icicles. Fresh cream gives an indescribable sweet fragrance. Second fav food: steaks and sushi/sashimi.


I am hungry typing this. Be right back.


Back. My favourite artist is probably the outsider artist Henry Darger. I picked him randomly for my artist research presentation in Third Year Drawing class and fell in love with him. Make sure you check out his works.  

Photo by Kiro Denev

ARTSPIRATION: Michelle Fung. Radio Television Hong Kong. 2023. 23 min. (in Cantonese)

"Michelle is devoted to her art practice and the visionary world of 2048 she has created. It is an epic thought-provoking tale that reflects the dreams and despair of the world we live in. She ingeniously combines contemporary issues with various traditional artmaking techniques in her works.

In 2019, we worked with Michelle to realize with her the solo exhibition at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, featuring works from the award-winning series “Plastic, plastic, everywhere!”. It involved setting up a large hand-painted mural, with over thirty pieces of original artworks displayed at two unconventional exhibition venues on campus. The collaboration was superbly efficient and smooth on all ends. We are excited to collaborate again for her solo exhibition at Varna City Art Gallery Boris Georgiev, Bulgaria in 2022.

Michelle’s art world not only shows empathy and imagination for viewers, but it is also insightful for those who have been involved in the making process."

Hilda Chan & Iven Cheung


working on my fav beach

"Michelle Kuen Suet Fung is a multi-talented artist with a deep commitment to sounding the alarm on environmental degradation."

Elaine Elison, Author

"You are wonderful, bright, intelligent, talented, humourous, generous,

spiritually balanced and obviously loving, and appreciated and loved by others...

all qualities that make the world the best of places to live."

James Yopp, Microbiologist

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