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Animated Short Film
2018 - 2023

Director: Michelle Fung

Lead Artist: Michelle Fung

Scriptwriter: Michelle Fung

Composer: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan

Sound Designer: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan

Lead Animator: Wing Ki Ho

Animator: Ma Sum Yin

Editor: Lauryn Vania Kurniawan

Voice Actor: Michelle Fung

The film portrays Polluta, a futuristic ecotopian/dystopian artist colony made with air pollution in the imaginary country Contradictoria.

The story is told from the perspectives of Mrs. Elisa Riff, a TV host, and Miss Papagandria, a journalist on-site. In the film, we meet various artists (who are based on real artists in real life—the director’s artist friends) while introduced to various features of the artist colony. We meet the artists dancing in the paradise and singing the official Polluta song in dance. We meet QUIT (Quantum United Information Transfer) owls that replace wifi. We meet super hamsters that are stimulated by needles.

We hear "March to Polluta", the quirky and ridiculous official Polluta anthem, with the sunflower-framed characters (all anthropomorphic and inspired by the “Polluta Residents’ Portraits”) wiggling to the musical beat, only to be overtaken by the Polluta President and an anonymous hand spreading flying fat doves.

At the end of the film, we hear a dark desperate song "The Polluta Cadenza" in which select artist characters are discontent with the “perfect” ecotopia, decide to take the matter into their own hands and eventually ride off into a glowing sun on flying elephants.

"I have been working with Michelle Fung for almost half a year now on her film ‘Polluta’, and I find that it is only right to say that working with Michelle has been a wonderful and nurturing experience as she is a strong leader who has a clear vision yet does not obstruct the voices of the team members as well as consider them carefully. […]


Moreover, she is a very understanding leader full of compassion, always looking out for the conditions of her members, never neglecting them and even sacrificing some of herself like her time to adhere to our (the team’s) needs. She is also very humble and polite to us even though some of us are still students, for example with me, she does not treat me like a student, but as a fellow artist and even, collaborator. With this treatment to the other members of the team as well, the Polluta team is very strong and united, and our meetings are always dynamic and warm, because we are all a part of the film, and Michelle cherishes us and takes us even as a family for the film.

As the composer, editor and sound designer of ‘Polluta’, I need to be able to use my creative mind to interpret and complement her film musically and with this, I need to be particularly close with Michelle personally as a friend as well as professionally as a director to crew. Sincerely, the process of bonding with Michelle is very easy; she is very friendly, easy to talk to, and approachable. This creates a really good creative chemistry between us […]


Overall, what I would sincerely like to say is that Michelle has been a really great leader, artist and friend. I can speak on behalf of the Polluta team and myself, that it is wonderful working with Michelle, and I do really hope to collaborate more with her and have a life-long friendship."

Lauryn Vania Kurniawan

Composer, Editor and Sound Designer, Polluta film project


GO Team

"Working as a director in an animation team, Michelle has provided clear guidance and amazing leadership.


Besides, Michelle is always willing to communicate and care for our opinions. Being the creator of the concept, and also the director and the artist of the film Polluta, she never just makes us work and follow orders, but also asks for opinions on animation and music from the team. […] Also, the way she gives instructions gives us enough room to work with our creativity. She always instructs us on what kind of mood and feeling the shot should give out, instead of how things should exactly be, so both the animation team and the composer can work relatively freely and contribute to the film with creativity. Michelle respects the team’s opinion and all team members are feeling glad to be able to get invited as part of the team.

[…] While making such a serious film with important messages, Michelle is willing to give a try on playful characters and also interesting and funny plot, showing surprise and impressing not just the audience outside, but also members of the team. We are having a lot of fun when working on and experimenting with different elements for the film, and learning a lot from Michelle.


Last but not least, Michelle does not just care about the project, but she also cares about the team. She is always communicating with us, and is always trying to know how we are feeling when we are working as a part of the team. She also shows good care to us when we have difficulties. For example, all team members have different time schedules, having some months very busy, and Michelle will allow us to work less in those months so that we can have a less difficult time. We are grateful to have Michelle always caring about us, and we have a very strong sense of belonging towards the project and the team.


To conclude, Michelle is capable in guiding and leading, has strong skills in conveying messages and communicating, and is always caring."

Wing Ki Ho

Lead animator. Polluta film project.

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