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"The exhibition was loved by all visitors and especially by the children from Dedal art school. The opportunity to see such an imaginative mixture of culture, different mediums and styles of artwork, yet all very well united in a single concept is rare. I believe our young artists have learned a thing or two about topic research, full use of exhibition space, creative experimentation and the important part each of these play in an artist’s work.

Michelle was also very open and sharing all her knowledge and experience by answering every question that came up. I think by far the most important thing our students saw was the example of how bold an artist should be, not everyone dares to create a whole world of their own and share it with others.

Dedal art school and The Quarantine film festival are already thinking of opportunities to invite Michelle Fung for future editions of the festival or to have her as a guest teacher or speaker. We are also very excited about any future partnerships we could have."

The Quarantine Film Festival

Varna, Bulgaria

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