In 2084,                                         has solved its pollution
problem with plan  Polluta. Under this plan, air pollution is condensed into building bricks, which are used to build arcologies called                    , floating green vibrant live/work colonies for artists! 





can live, work and show for free, forever!

It sounds too good to be true. It is. 

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"Polluta, Floating Artist Colony in the Sky" is a satirically Orwellian landscape...memorable for its whimsical anthropomorphic dialogue and fantastical imagination."

Dena Al-adeeb, artist, writer and scholar-activist

University of California, Davis

"I met Michelle through a mutual artist friend Dena Al-deeab in 2016. A week after, I visited her studio in San Francisco and officially invited her to a solo exhibition “Polluta, Floating Artist Colony in the Sky” at Pro Arts Gallery in 2018.


Her works are timely, emotionally kind, conceptually complex and visually powerful. She sculpts a dystopian world of 2084 with different medium such as books, performance, large propaganda banner paintings, woodblock prints, and a moving-drawing video. Each medium is carefully chosen for its inherent historical or experiential implications.

Michelle's work ethics is impeccable. She either finishes her work on time or early. She is able to work independently and in a team. She is able to solve problems on her own, yet asks for appropriate advice. She is pleasant, hardworking, respectful and responsible.


I understand that Polluta is one of the five futuristic micro-narratives of Michelle's oeuvre.

I am excited to learn about the other micro-narratives when they are completed."

Natalia Ivanova (Mount), Executive Director, Pro Arts Gallery & Commons

                   (2015-ongoing) portrays a futuristic ecotopian/dystopian artist colony in Contradictoria and tells the first of five micro-narratives that takes place in these countries – a story told across media such as performances, paintings, installation, and animation. The works address the collective memory of Chinese modern history and envision China's ecological future from Hong Kong’s unique vantage point.


This project began in 2015 with “City as Metaphors”, a juried international programme in conjunction with Hong Kong Baptist University, Zurich University of the Arts and Hamburg City University, and is published in the online journal Common.


The debut Polluta work was shown as an improvised interview performance at Connecting Space, Hong Kong (2015.) Since then, it saw three further performance reiterations at Hong Kong Baptist University (2015), Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland CA, USA (2018) and am space gallery, Hong Kong (2020.)

The Polluta project has seen two solo exhibitions at Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland CA, USA (2018) and Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney, Australia (2019.) The former was the first solo exhibition of a Hong Kong artist in the non-profit gallery’s forty-year history, and the latter was the same at the oldest artist-run gallery in Australia. Both were funded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

The original third solo exhibition was scheduled in 2020 as the Quarantine Film Festival’s guest artist at Varna Municipal City Gallery Boris Georgiev, Varna, Bulgaria. It is now postponed to 2022. This project was also funded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

The artist’s scholarly article “Polluta, the Floating Paradise” was first published in CSP Journal: Printmaking, Politics and Society, the California Society of Printmakers, San Francisco, USA (2019) then reprinted in c/o Magazine, Shared Campus, Zurich University of the Arts. Zurich, Switzerland (2021)


A full scholarly Polluta catalogue was published in 2018.


The Polluta project encompasses a wide range of media: performance, text, Chinese ink and acrylic paintings, woodcuts, installations and animated short film.

project scope

project history


"This introduction to Polluta’s creative community, with its dystopian ecological systems and anthropomorphized inhabitants, welcomes us into a biting look at the role of culture and eco-friendly innovation in moments of crisis. For artists, the project cuts particularly close to home, demanding that we contend with the ways our labor and professional ambitions contribute to these processes--from the sinister to benign."


Weston Teruya, Artist

“Michelle Kuen Suet Fung is a multi-talented artist with a deep commitment to sounding

the alarm on environmental degradation.


Her arresting work, “Polluta:  Floating Artist Colony in the Sky” is a fantastical mix of Chinese fairy tales, hard science, and ecological warnings.  Fung’s imaginative artistry

and witty storytelling will move you in astounding ways.”


Elaine Elinson, Author


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