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"This introduction to Polluta’s creative community, with its dystopian ecological systems and anthropomorphized inhabitants, welcomes us into a biting look at the role of culture and eco-friendly innovation in moments of crisis. For artists, the project cuts particularly close to home, demanding that we contend with the ways our labor and professional ambitions contribute to these processes--from the sinister to benign."


Weston Teruya, Artist

“Michelle Kuen Suet Fung is a multi-talented artist with a deep commitment to sounding

the alarm on environmental degradation.


Her arresting work, “Polluta:  Floating Artist Colony in the Sky” is a fantastical mix of Chinese fairy tales, hard science, and ecological warnings.  Fung’s imaginative artistry

and witty storytelling will move you in astounding ways.”


Elaine Elinson, Author

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