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Plastic, plastic, every where! Installation

2015 - 2019

Plastic plastic, every where! portrays a dystopian future where a frenzy of human plastic consumption (e.g., lifesaver donuts, telephone hotdogs) leads us past the point of no return. This global craze originates from the 2084 annual meeting of the Great Five Industrial Nations. At this meeting, the delegate from the imaginary country of Contradictoria (in the form of a pig) proposes that if animals can learn to eat plastic, why can’t children?


This body of works has been made into installations three times between 2015-2019. It was first exhibited as a graduate thesis at the Hong Kong Baptist University (Grotto Award.) 2019 saw two Plastic, plastic, every where! exhibitions: kubrick, Hong Kong and a joint exhibition between the HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) Library and Center for the Arts, Hong Kong. The former features new and never-been-shown works, including a site-specific forty-foot mural, large hanging scrolls, the complete short film and over thirty original paintings. The latter featured site-specific drawings on the glass window. 

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