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Polluta Interview Performance


Medium: Questions, answers and wit

Dimensions: Dimensions variable

In this half-scripted, half-improvised performance, the artist interviews selected visitors for admission to Polluta as the Polluta President.


Interview questions range from the practical to the ridiculous. Such absurdity highlights the duality of the Polluta project: is it dystopia or ecotopia? There is no doubt that our ecological and socio-political landscapes are rapidly shifting in the advent of Anthropocene. More important than ever, a conscientious citizen must be careful with reading between the lines and with choosing one's communities.

Based on the interviewees' answers, the artist determines (arbitrarily) whether they are accepted into Polluta. The lucky ones will receive a temporary resident card on the spot, then proceed to the photo booth area for an official headshot. An official residence card follow. 

The performance was premiered at Connecting Space, Hong Kong (2015), then at Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong (2015), Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA, USA (2018) and recently at am space gallery, Hong Kong (2020.)

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