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One Day in Polluta
Michelle Fung
Solo Exhibition
Pao Galleries 5/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Wanchai, Hong Kong


Exhibition design by Studio Mary

Supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Michelle Fung’s latest solo exhibition “One Day in Polluta” returns to Hong Kong after various overseas exhibitions and artist residency programmes, presenting brand new and never-shown-in-Hong Kong works from 2016 to 2023. Exhibiting works include an animated short film, woodcut prints, pencil drawings and Chinese ink paintings. “Polluta”, an ecotopian / dystopian artist colony made with air pollution, is located in the imaginary country of Contradictoria, one of the G5 countries in a fictional world, an allegorical universe the artist has been constructing since 2015. Through interdisciplinary visual practices, she brings her vibrant imagination into the real world, inviting the audience to reflect on important issues such as climate change and environmental disasters.


The audience is encouraged to further immerse themselves in the imaginative world-building project through behind-the-scene footage and documentation, gaining valuable insights into the laborious creative process. 

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