Plastic, plastic, every where,


Not a soul is left." 

The fish are all bereft;

, plastic, every where!


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"Plastic adorns modern life. It is ubiquitous in the Anthropocene. In her dreamscape of plastic dystopia, Michelle Fung denaturalises plastic’s invisible materiality, through scarred animals and plastic-eating children, showing how our consumer desire and inaction hide the horrors that are yet to come. Fung does not simply advocate for going beyond capitalism, but rather goes deeper to trace how the enigma of plasticity is embedded within the capitalist ideology of manufacturing insatiable hunger as natural impulses. How do we break out of the curse of plastic? Are we enjoying at the cost of what is promised? Fung’s extraordinary project is a visual and aesthetic feast that compels us to embark on a journey of seeking futures in a climate-changing environment."


Dr Emily Zong, Literary studies and environmental humanities, Hong Kong Baptist University

Plastic plastic, every where! portrays a dystopian future where a frenzy of human plastic consumption (e.g., lifesaver donuts, telephone hotdogs) leads us past the point of no return. This global craze originates from the 2084 annual meeting of the Great Five Industrial Nations. At this meeting, the delegate from the imaginary country of Contradictoria (in the form of a pig) proposes that if animals can learn to eat plastic, why can’t children?


This body of works encompasses over 30 Chinese ink and mixed media paintings and has been made into installations three times between 2015-2019. It was first exhibited as a graduate thesis at the Hong Kong Baptist University (the Grotto Award.) 2019 saw two Plastic, plastic, every where! exhibitions: kubrick, Hong Kong and a joint exhibition between the HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) Library and Center for the Arts, Hong Kong. 

The narrative was published into an award-winning (Hong KongYoung Writer's Debut Competition) illustrated book 天空膠雨 by a major Hong Kong publisher Joint Publishing in 2017. 

The moving drawings short film "Plastic, plastic, every where!" (2015-2018) was the artist's debut in filmmaking, and has traveled to many international exhibitions, universities and film festivals and earned "Film That Matters" award at the International Montreal Animation Film Festival, Montreal, Canada (2019.)


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