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Four Years of Printmaking Journey (so far…)

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

In this post, I will share my personal journey to develop my own system to arrive at the final perfect woodcut print.

It took four years.

✵✶✺Study and Research ✵✶✺

How long does one print take? Sometimes a few months, and often more than a year.

Happily buried in my pile of woodcut books in 2019.

In 2019, I realised my printmaking skills were lacking. However, I couldn’t find a local community that would help me improve.

I did what I always do. I cleaned out all relevant materials from the local university library system and began to read every single book cover to cover. It took me about six months to go through the mountain of books. At the end of all those books, I felt like my patchy knowledge of woodcuts had been greatly improved.

Among much basic knowledge that would be second nature to trained printmakers, it never occurred to me that making a test print is an essential step to achieving a satisfactory final print.

So what are the nine steps to creating a woodcut print from start to finish?

Posing with woodcut library books on Valentine’s Day 2020. The gift of knowledge is the best gift!

✵✶✺Nine Steps to A Perfect Woodcut Print ✵✶✺

I am sharing my journey of testprinting my woodcuts. Here are the steps to arrive at the final perfect woodcut print.

1. Design composition

2. Carve woodblock

3. Make a first test print

4. If there is anything wrong, then fix the woodblock

5. Make another test print

6. If there is still something wrong, then fix the woodblock again

7. Make another test print

8. The cycle continues until the test print is satisfactory

9. Time to make the entire edition of final prints

That sounds intense but straightforward. You may ask, what could go wrong?

Checking test prints with David, master printer from Marble Print & Clay.

✵✶✺Murphy’s Law in Printmaking✵✶✺

Revising woodblock after a test print.

Sometimes the colour looks great on the colour chart but doesn’t work with the image. Maybe the colour is so light that the details do not show up. Maybe the colour is too vibrant or too dull. Since the artist can only make an educated guess as to the final print result, often she finds that the lines are too faint (easy to fix) or too thick (artist cries because there is no way to fix.) Since I carved a lot of text, I would sometimes go crazy realizing the text was carved incorrectly.

I finished my first 20 woodcuts in 2018-2019. Upon my return from my Firstdraft exhibition in summer 2019, I began carving my 21st one. Over the next two years, I carved 22 more, going back and forth testing colours, fixing woodblocks and working with Marble Print & Clay master printer on the final prints.

Notes on test prints


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2 Kommentare

10. März 2022

The time required for you to achieve satisfaction with each woodblock print is quite understandable, given the detail and complexity of your works. No doubt your need for tweaking a test print lessens with each new composition and additional tweaking experience...I hope.

I am now coming to view your woodcuts not as JUST images to be looked at, but as works that must also be read/deciphered, consistent and appropriate with your ascribing them as being "compositions". Looking forward to viewing/reading more of the Polluta Propaganda, as conveyed via your growing Polluta Animal Woodcut Collection.


Gefällt mir
Michelle Fung
Michelle Fung
11. März 2022
Antwort an

Thank you Jimmy. You make the most insightful and compassionate comment. Your understanding of my art makes me feel like all the work that goes into my work is worthwhile, because someone gets it. He doesn't see it just as an image, cheap and disposable in the 21st century.

Gefällt mir
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