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You never know what a single comment might do for a student. A few of these comments from my professors transformed my career. Today, I have suddenly realized how much rich professional expertise I have accumulated and have discovered a burning urge to share my knowledge and experience with young people. I really want to transform students’ lives, much like my own professors transformed mine.


While teaching, I emphasize the same skills that I have used to build my art practice. Art is a process of observation, analysis, and communication. To be relevant, art must be grounded upon the audience’s societal and cultural context. Thus, the artist must learn how to be a citizen of the city, the nation, and the world. To be interesting, art must somehow help the audience see the world differently, illuminating what was previously hidden. Thus, the artist must learn how to build connections across different subjects, disciplines, and life goals. To be impactful, the artist must learn how to communicate his or her vision. Thus, the artist must learn the tools of the trade and develop their own practice. With these goals in mind, I guide my students to leverage interests across disciplines to push their own practice forward; I also share professional tools to prepare them for life after graduation. Ultimately, I hope to help them to become better versions of themselves.


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