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Fung's ongoing oeuvre revolves around building a futuristic world of the year 2084. There are five imaginary countries in total: Contradictoria, the Aristocratic Union, Dreamland, Northlandia and the Republic of Strata. These five micro-narratives will eventually weave together a grand narrative of year 2084, portraying her imagined futuristic geopolitical world in the Anthropocene.

This imaginary futuristic narrative is informed and shaped by global sociopolitical and environmental development in real time. In 2018, the artist created her first imaginary map of 2084. even though the work was aesthetically successful, she was discontent with the result. Unsurprising since the narratives of all five imaginary countries had yet been fleshed out. It was impossible for an accurate depiction of geographic features and each country's geographic location in relation to one another. She plans to create an updated map every few years, reflecting real-time changes.

The second map, the edition year 2020, is informed by both the traditions of antique Chinese maps that look more akin to landscape paintings than accurate navigating tools and by the ancient Chinese myth on the plague demons. Plagues were a regular occurrence in ancient China. People did not understand medicine and attributed the diseases to the Demons of the Plague. They conjured up the Great Gods Against the Plague to "fight" against the demons, sending the Gods, along with the demons, away on lavishly decorated boats. There are still active annual rituals to drive away the demons of the plague in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

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