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Three Special Exhibition VIPs

So many special people came to support my recent exhibition, and I’d like to highlight these three extraordinary VIPs.


Choi Yan Chi 蔡仞姿 was my advisor during my Masters degree. For about ten days before my graduation exhibition, I cancelled everything else and pretty much slept on the studio floor and ate on the studio table. One day, I texted her at 7am in panic that I won’t finish my project. She called me back at 9am, listened patiently to my situation and said calmly.

“Just like right before the ballet performance, the main star can’t make it. The show must go on, but you’ll be OK. You have all the parts ready.”

I was OK and that graduation exhibition was the beginning of my lifelong art project.

Plastic, plastic, every where! Drawings-in-progress for animation, graphite and ink on wall, LED light tubes Dimensions variable 2015 (MVA Graduation Project) (Grotto Award)


Henry Steiner needs no introduction. “Father of Hong Kong Design” says it all.

I was introduced to Henry over a decade ago by a mutual friend Norman deBrackinghe. The two friends have graciously been following my works over the years.

Exactly a decade ago, I taught a course at HKU Space and invited Henry to become a guest speaker. I took him out to lunch. Before he ordered, he graciously asked, is the school paying for lunch or you are?

Upon knowing that I was the sole initiator of the lunch date, he said no words and ordered one plate of pasta and no drinks.


I met Auntie Chan at the age of four, first as a neighbour and then as my family doctor for decades until she retired. She knows ALL our family secrets. We always run out of time and never run out of topics when we meet. We watch Cantonese plays together, share meals and life lessons.

She came to my Art Basel talk and also came to my exhibition after reading my last artistic love note.

P.S. She also opens 100% of my artistic love notes over the past 15 years.

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