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Four Ingredients for Superb Storytelling

RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong) recently aired a 30m episode on my works. I can’t tell you how much I learnt from the director 劉導演.

Art Like有條路

第九集: 馮捲雪

2023年2月7日 星期二晚7:30



The director wanted to meet me for a chat in person before our shoot. We decided to meet at my home studio so that he could get a space of the light and space.

The chat lasted over four hours.


I sounded so coherent in the show. I wasn’t! I was rambling for hours, completely flustered trying to find the perfect words and clearly fighting my attachment issue with my own works.

During the looooong hours, the director gently guided me to curate a simple (but not simplified) narrative of my complex project and gave me space when I was pulling my hair out.

P.S. He also had an amazing knack for relaxing people because by Day 2, I was pretty myself.


Of every minute you watch on TV, there was at least ten minutes of discarded footage. For every ten minutes’ footage, it took three hours to shoot.


The week after our full three-day shoot, the director called and asked if he could come for some extra footage. He came alone, clearly unpaid.

P.S. I live far.


This TV feature was the most thoughtful, comprehensive and masterfully done my works have ever enjoyed. Even more than the TV feature, I feel like this golden storytelling lesson was even more precious to me.


Watch the entire episode in Cantonese below.


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