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inspired by California sequoia trees

from my studio to your walls
worldwide shipping from my Hong Kong studio

Polluta Sequoia Elephants

The collection “Polluta Sequoia Elephants” grew out of my visit to the Sequoia National Park in California in summer 2023. The heartbreaking forest fire aftermath and the resilience of the majestic trees touched and moved me beyond words. I combined the ancient and majestic Sequoia trees with the Flying Elephants, one of my favourite characters in my imaginary artist colony Polluta.


The original wood carvings were hand-carved on Baltic birch or basswood, and then coloured with professional lightfast colour pencils (that means they don’t fade easily.) They are treated for longevity and ready to hang, framed in ornate solid pine wooden frames without glass. The frames are VERY sturdy and weigh nicely in your hands—making perfect gifts.


For years, I was asked to sell my woodblocks every time I show my woodcut prints. I always turned it down, except I was secretly experimenting with combining carving and drawing techniques in the studio.


Such result is the perfect marriage of my love affairs with woodcut and drawing.


After almost a year of experimentation, I’m finally ready to share and launch my first public collection of the original wood carvings.


Hang a piece on your wall or pick one as a unique gift. You won’t find anything like this.