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We were in LOVE with the arctic

Everyone was smiling for no reasons. The silly grin you have during the first two months of being in love.

We were in love with the arctic.

The white

The vast

The raw

The snow

The cold

The light

The dark

The glaciers

The icebergs

The northern lights

The polar bear

The laughter

The love

Check out the works I made in the arctic here!


About Northlandia Arctic Woodcuts

In Oct-Nov 2022, I went on a month-long research residency programme in the arctic Svalbard for Northlandia, one of the five imaginary countries in my lifelong World of 2084 project. During the trip, I sketched landscape on site on small woodblocks and weaved Northlandia narrative into the composition and carve the woodblocks on the boat and in my room in Longyearbyen, the world’s northernmost town. The collection of 24 Northlandia Arctic Woodcuts was then be hand-printed in Hong Kong.

Check out the works I made in the arctic here!


About Northlandia

Northlandia is one of the five imaginary countries in The World of 2084, my lifelong project to portray a futuristic world in the corresponding year.

Drawing from diverse sources such as early arctic pioneer history, Inuit and Central American mythology, science fiction and children's literature, literary tradition magical realism and fairy tales, Northlandia is a surreal arctic tale of the precarious balance between human greed and the magical landscape, between the north and the rest of the world and between self-preservation and the rapidly changing climate.


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