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Pink Guys

Pink Guys


Hand-pulled original woodcut print (oil-based in on cloud dragon handmade rice paper)

Image size: 36.5x13” / 93x33cm

Paper size: 42x18.5” / 107x47cm

Edition 9+3


USD 1000 for editions 1-2 unframed

USD 1280 for editions 3-5 unframed

USD 1530 for editions 6-8 unframed



This is an original woodcut print, part of my huge 99 Polluta Propaganda Woodcut project, describing a futuristic floating artist colony in the sky. This body of works has been exhibited in many international museums, biennales and universities and has been written about by many scholars. Read more here.


The image measures 45x60cm / 18x23.5 in. and paper is approximately 61x76cm / 24x30 in. I say approximately because the paper is hand-made and hand cut. The edges are beautifully deckled.


The print is in edition of 9+3. Read more on editions here.



About Pink Guys


At Polluta, the Pink Guys are gorgeous muscly beings that take care of the well-being of the artists. They conduct gorilla studio raids and take care of unwholesome art.


The idea of the Pink Guys character came from two sources: Guerrilla warfare and the Guerrilla Girls. The former is a word player, quite common in my works, whereas the latter refers to an artist group. The Guerrilla Girls were a group of anonymous women artists activists(New York, active 1990s – now) that used guerrilla tactics (such as ridiculous lists and posters) to bring the gender inequality in the art field to the forefront. All members wear gorilla masks and therefore protecting themselves from identification.


The character design came from a Japanese photo stock site that feature muscly Japanese men in kawaii (cute) poses. When I saw the site randomly while browsing online, I knew I had to make it into my works. It felt like a perfect marriage when I had to design the Pink Guys.


About “Polluta Propaganda Woodcuts” project


Polluta Propaganda Woodcuts (2018 - ) are a collection of 99 woodcuts that portray the artists imaginary futuristic ecotopian artist colony Polluta”. The body of work is composed in three phases. The point of departure for Phase I (2018 - 2023) is Chinas New Woodcut Movement in the 1930s and 1940s, whereas Phase II (2023 - present) is heavily drawn from Japanese historic ukiyo-e prints. Phase III (future project) will be a collection of architectural wood carvings portraying Pollutas ever-shifting appearance.



About the Print


Both the print and paper are handmade. Large bamboo fibre pieces in the paper texture are part of the charm. Your print may look slightly different from the one in the image.


These are unique items of art. Only 10 were handmade and kept in this world. It’s not possible to have a replacement. There may be marks of handmadeness on your woodcut print, that is part of the charm and beauty of the work.


The print is lovingly wrapped in a sturdy paper tube. Mounting or framing is not included. Click here for framing/mounting recommendations.


A certificate of authenticity is included.


A portion of all sales is contributed to removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Thank you for caring for our mutual earth.



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