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Dragon and Phoenix couplet

Dragon and Phoenix couplet


Giclee Prints on 320g archival watercolour paper

30x14 cm each / 11.8x5.5 in each

(price includes both prints)

Editions of 88



It's Chinese New Year in Feb 2024! And this year it's the Year of the Dragon. 


It’s a tradition to put up auspicious Chinese New Year decorations for the holiday. These stunning original wood carvings might be too big for many of you.* I’ve made them into conventional Chinese New Year couplet size. You'll never find these unconventional black Chinese New Year couplets anywhere else. 


Pick one up for your own home, or as gifts to your cool Chinese friends.


These couplets are printed on archival textured 320g watercolour paper. When I first unwrapped them from the printer, both my father and I WOWED. My father thought they were printed on velvet. Honestly, I felt the same even though I knew they were printed on archival watercolour paper.


*The original works are 122x60cm original wood carvings. The works will be shown in the solo exhibition with the Hong Kong Arts Collective in March 2024. 

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